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Elif Özen & Muaz Özden

KAIROS is pleased to host Elif Özen and Muaz Özden's duet exhibition titled AFTER A SLEEPLESS NIGHT.

The exhibition takes as its starting point the dialectic rift between objects and living things, which is opened by the notion of sleep, and focuses on the body, which is dropped as an object in the everyday world on the one hand, and the mind that fits the whole world in a small part of that body on the other.

AFTER A SLEEPLESS NIGHT can be visited between 05.05.-17.06.2023, Tuesday - Saturday, between 12:00 - 19:00.


“Objects that we tear off and separate from the world of living beings and define as "all kinds of inanimate beings with a certain mass and volume" create their own memories in the universe.
When we are not around, when they are completely alone, objects, like everything else whose existence goes into a dead sleep, find their meaning with the imaginary power of the human mind, again, in the human mind itself. This eternal cycle of sleep-wake – does the mirror work if there is no one in front of it? – becomes an intellectual tumbling that allows us to constantly
define them. Nevertheless, this cycle (sleep) for humans differs significantly from that of objects. A person's transition from an unconscious state to a conscious state as a result of a light source, sound, or similar stimuli is defined as sleep.1 This activity is an active physiological state in which the central nervous system, and many other parameters, demonstrate dynamic fluctuations. Sleep represents a transitional stage between wakefulness and death.”

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