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KAIROS Gallery


Morning After Dark



The opeing exhibition of Kairos Gallery -  Reimage: Morning After Dark -brings together the works of 18 artists with a concept that pays homage to Robert Mapplethorpe’s controversial two-legged exhibition which opened in 1977 in New York. As well as providing clues about the chemistry of Kairos Gallery, this choice of concept also creates a solid ground for following the practices of the artists represented by the gallery. The exhibition can be visited every day except for Monday and Tuesday between 14.09.-16.10.2022, from 12.00 to 19.00.


Can Akgümüş, Can İncekara, Ecem Yüksel, Erdal Duman, Gurur Birsin, Gülnihal Yıldız, Irmak Canevi, Metehan Törer, Murat Balcı, Murat Kahya, Murat Önen, Kazım Şimşek, Robert Mapplethorpe, Sezer Arıcı, Sebahattin Yüce, ŞANT, Uğur Ulusoy, Ümmühan Yörük

Opening on the same day with two separate invitations and concepts, the Mapplethorpe exhibition brought together a daytime fragment with “normal” artworks showing the typical photographic understanding of the period, and a night-time fragment with hard-to-watch and provocative images focusing entirely on the underground life of the city and the artist.


Reimage: Morning After Dark, the opening exhibition of Kairos Gallery, shows us the two counter poles that exist on and beneath the surface of its represented and invited artists by highlighting this bipolar aspect of artists’ practices and art production. This two-stage exhibition invites its audience to a remarkable faceoff between the complementary relationship of opposites, the coexistence of well-behaved and mischievous images, and the journey of art’s modi operandi from darkness to light.


Photo credit Hadiye Cangökçe

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