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KAIROS was founded in 2022 by Ezgi Yıldız and Cihan Kurt as a contemporary art gallery in Istanbul. Rather than abiding by the common gallery traditions, KAIROS focuses on artists and their work, connects its artists, who work with various mediums, with their audience, and re-imagines the conventional practice of holding exhibitions, organizing events and managing artworks that will satisfy the changing needs and expectations of artists and audiences. KAIROS aims to upend the traditional power dynamics between the gallerist and the artist, and boost accessibility by opening up space for constructive dialogues and supporting works of collective endeavor. KAIROS endeavors to establish and uphold an inclusive environment promoting gender equality, providing support for emerging artists, and amplifying the voices of marginalized groups, including women+ and LGBTQ+ artists. This initiative embodies a complex and nuanced platform within Turkey, presenting both challenges and intricacies. KAIROS is actively engaged in fostering international partnerships through collaborations with cultural institutes and embassies. KAIROS is also developing relations with local initiatives to make fresh connections in order to contribute to a sustainable environment. KAIROS maintains close contact with its artists, assisting them in every step of the way: from imagination to realization. KAIROS believes that being involved in the artist’s creative process and developing a mentor relationship with them is important for building a bridge between the audience and the artist.

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