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KAIROS Gallery


Which planet do you come from?

03.11.23 - 16.12.23


KAIROS is pleased to host Uğur Ulusoy's first solo exhibition in Turkey titled "Which planet do you come from?" between 03.11 - 16.12.2023.


*“Uğur Ulusoy, who places his works three-dimensionally within the spaces where they are exhibited, has a style of expression that he has developed in the full sense of the word interdisciplinary by melting within each other painting and installation, wall sculpture, and

graffiti techniques. The fluidity that he created with color, geometry, form, and lines within the exhibition space has a feature that disperses from walls to ceilings and floors and also has a mysterious integrity that can be grasped with emotions and heartbeats. The universe of creation that Uğur carries off the canvas using different relief, sculpture, and installation techniques is built upon delicately captured moments where poetic impressions are conveyed in plain language. His first solo exhibition in Turkey, held at KAIROS, titled “Which planet do you come from?” presents the spectator with an unheard-of visuality that is sometimes shaped by sadness, sometimes by black humor, and sometimes by a passion for scrutiny.”


The exhibition can be visited in Kairos from November 3 to December 16.


* Text Necmi Sönmez

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