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KAIROS Gallery


Can Akgümüş


Kairos Gallery is glad to host Can Akgümüş's third solo exhibition titled "Great Dream" between 26.11.- 31.12.2022.

The exhibition centers upon the subjects the artist has recently focused on; the body, gender politics, beliefs, existential philosophy, and what the artist refers to as the “world dream.” Using photography as a medium, Can Akgümüş brings to light his works produced with the pinhole technique for the first time in the Great Dream exhibition, in addition to the analog interventions he performs on the images he creates.


The exhibition can be visited at the KAIROS Gallery between the dates of 26.11.-31.12.2022, between 12.00-19.00 every day except Mondays. Great Dream is funded by a European Union project, CultureCIVIC: Arts and Culture Support Program.

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