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Can Akgumus (1987-Ankara) studied economy in Selcuk University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. He uses photography as a tool to detect the cycle of the process of recording the apparent reality, and reproduction of it in relation to memory, history and society. He aims to build an original way of expression while searching for the boundaries of photography through various methods of collage art. While he produces his artworks through frequent travels in order to make distant and interpretive observations on the impacts of city life and the natural cycle of it on individuals, he also tries to discover new ways of connections between the individual and the collective memory. Akgumus’ first dummy “The Other Bosnia '' became eligible for printing as a photobook when he was ranked 1st in the contest “ 3. International Bursa Fotofest ”. His first solo exhibition “Swallowed”, opened in 2016, at Artnivo Project Space in Istanbul. His second solo show “Terminal” opened in 2021, at Arthan Gallery in İstanbul. After Terminal’s installation in Istanbul, the exhibition’s new version was reopened in Ka, Ankara in 2022. Some of his selected exhibitions are: "Young/Fresh/Different IV” Galeri Zilberman, Istanbul (2013), 14. Istanbul Biennial Paralel Event "40 metres, 4 Walls, 8 Cubes" Zorlu Istanbul (2015), 7. İstanbul Pride Week "Who Would Have Thought" Istanbul (2016), 15. Istanbul Biennial Neighbour Event "Home" Evliyagil Museum, Ankara (2017),  METU Odtu Sanat 19 "A New World", Ankara (2018), "Icons of Thinking: Images and Texts'' Evliyagil Museum, Ankara (2018). He lives and works in both Ankara and Istanbul.


14 Habersiz Dizisi, 2016, 61,5x54cm, Arşivsel Pigment Baskı.jpg
10 Saklayıcı Serisi, 2018, 187x140cm, Arşivsel Pigment Baskı.jpg
1 Unutma Bahçesi II, 2016, 100x140cm, Arşivsel Pigment Baskı.jpeg
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