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KAIROS Gallery


Ecem Yüksel


Kairos Gallery is pleased to host Ecem Yüksel's first solo exhibition titled “A WARM WELCOME” between 24.01.-11.03.23

Ecem Yüksel's first solo exhibition offers a warm invitation, as it welcomes the viewer with its title. Yüksel's focus on the play and her approach to viewers in her productions draw a fine line between being a side of and taking sides. The exhibition brings together the productions of the artist, which is a continuation of the plastic pursuits in a wide range of mediums such as sculpture and painting, and in a rich color range.

“A Warm Welcome” can be visited between the dates 24.01-11.03.23, Tuesday-Saturday, 12:00-19:00.



“Even though all the seagulls, faces, voices, and colors seem to be flowing away, I seem to be taking little stationary sections of time. Do you think that the few years I've been standing also give a chance to stop for a few seconds to what I've seen:
What if, unwittingly, I make a connection between what I see and what I draw... Every time Iook at this sea, I don't doubt my perception; actually, I doubt our way of seeing. The pink tone of the rocks does not serve your fascination. They are exactly that tone, those rocks, and green waters hit them. Because it’s possible that this entire scenery doesn't have to be full of dualities, just as how our words and feelings, the songs you whispered to me in my dreams, and the tiny little sand texts that we thought no one was laughing at flow like a river, those in ront of me are constantly flowing too. Every color gives its place to another at different times of the day; it's not about Suomenlinna 
it's about us. After all, isn't traveling also a form of tyranny if travel is just dragging one's body from one place to another?”

Mine Kaplangı

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