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Sezer Arıcı (Tekirdağ, 1988) completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Painting at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 2006. He has participated in many group exhibitions in Istanbul, Turkey such as “Makul”at Hafriyat in 2008, “Beden ve Halleri” at Asma Sanat in 2011, “Untitled”at Pilevneli Project in 2012,  “Glory Hole #AreYouCurious” at Gaia Gallery in 2015, “Yarım Adadan Yansımalar” and “Energy for Life 50X50” at Armaggan Gallery in 2015, “Kötülüğün Şeffaflığı ya da Ötekine Bakmak” at Kare Art Gallery in 2015, “25/25 EKAV'da Geçmişten Bugüne” at Ekavart Gallery in 2016, “Desen” at Açık Alan in 2018, “Lightning Striking at Both Ends of a Thought”, Terence Koh at VIP Art Fair, performance, Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac in 2012 along with “New Generation” exhibition series held each year at Ekavart Gallery from 2015 to 2019 including the last New Generation 6 exhibition of the series under the title “Pandemi'nin Kutusu” in 2020. His solo exhibitions include “XIII Yüzeysel Şiirler”at Pilevneli Project in 2013; his works have been exhibited at “İthaf/Gündüz Güzeli” at Contra Art Fair dedicated to contemporary Turkish Art which took place in 2014 in London, United Kingdom in 2014. The artist’s compositions are based on social determinism. The notion of ideal lifestyle constructed whether in or out of USA is his main subject and he analyzes the idea as a foreigner. In his series, the artist’s use of color emphasizes the artificiality of the imposed ideal. The artist currently continues his works in Istanbul.


Untitled, 2013, 180x140 cm, Oil on canvas.JPG
Untitled, 2021, 27,5x18 cm, Pencil on paper.jpg
Untitled, 2013, 100x70 cm, Pencil on paper.JPG
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