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KAIROS Gallery




KAIROS is hosting the group exhibition 'POV' from 16th March to 27th April 2024. The exhibition brings together the works of 19 artists curated by Can Akgümüş.


Perspective, an important milestone in the evolution of painting, is used to create a sense of depth and distance in works of art. This technique aims to accurately express how objects appear from a distance, including their size and position. The issue of creating an illusion of space through perspective in painting is a microcosm of the problem that arises when the human mind interacts with the world. In this encounter, the individual positions themselves at the center of the space they create in order to find a solution. By reconsidering traditional perspective limits from a queer standpoint, POV creates a space where the viewer and the experience of encountering the work are emancipated. This exhibition reflects the dimensions and positions of the new world in all its diversity.



Alp İşmen, Alptekin Soy, Anıl Saldıran, Cansu Yıldıran, Emre Keskin, Furkan Öztekin, İlhan Sayın, Kemal Özen, Metehan Törer, Murat Balcı, Murat Morova, Merve Tuna, Okyanus Çağrı Çamcı, Onur Hastürk, Seval Şener, Şafak Şule Kemancı, Studio Pinprick, Yaz Taşçı

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