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Metehan Törer (1990, Ankara) graduated from Hacettepe University Fine Arts Faculty Ceramics Department between 2014-2018. Törer, who started his master’s education at Hacettepe University Fine Arts Institute in 2018, completed his master’s education in 2021 by writing his thesis titled “The Search of Fluidity and Discussion of Sexuality and Identity In Art”. His first solo exhibition “Transobje” opened in Gallery Siyah Beyaz, Private Things in 2020. His second personal exhibition “Teratoma” opened in Evliyagil Dolapdere in 2022. Among the group exhibitions and projects in which the artist took part are 2019 “Kusmak” Galeri Siyah Beyaz, Ankara 2020 “Venus in Fur” Martch Art Project, Istanbul 2020 “Crystal Chateau” Evliyagil Museum, Ankara 2021 “Yer Parça” Ka Atölye, Ankara 2022 “Devoyé” Martch Art Project, Istanbul stands out. The artist continues to live and produce in Ankara.


Ölü Vazom, 2019, Porselen Üzeri Sır, Stoneware Üzeri Sır, 33x45x35 cm.jpg
Ateşi Seyredenler, Yeşil Figür, 2021-2022, Stoneware Üzeri Sıraltı Boyama, 20x11x39 Cm.jpg
Kölemin Maskesi, 2022, Stoneware Üzeri Sıraltı Boyama, Sır, 11x26x26 cm Zincir90 cm.jpg
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