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Gülnihal Yıldız’s (b.1999, Istanbul) works are an intuitive exploration of memory and sensation. Sometimes she creates her paintings over certain forms and sometimes over the accidental forms of the paint. She reveals her paintings, often without a layer of paint, preserving empty spaces where we can see the paper or canvas. She studied Plastic Arts and Painting at Yeditepe University in Istanbul. She started working with Komet as an artist assistant from 2019 to 2022. Her works have been exhibited in various group exhibitions.


Gülnihal Yıldız Untitled, 2022, 97x130 cm, oil on canvas
the dialogue between me, the window and the door, 2022, 23x13cm, Soft pastel on paper
Untitled, 2022, 23x28cm, Soft pastel on paper
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